Fanny Verkuijlen | Expert green economy

Striving for a green and healthy future is what drives Fanny.  At IUCN NL she fulfils this ambition by working as project leader for the programme Onder het Maaiveld and as country coordinator for Uganda in the programme Mobilising More 4 Climate.

In her work, Fanny focuses on finding the symbiosis between all involved stakeholders. To truly achieve a change in the way we take care of our landscape is to do this together and take into account the perspectives of all involved. Fanny looks for a systemic approach to analyse the best opportunities and find a common ground to build on. In the interest of biodiversity, communities and the future of our planet.

Fanny holds a special passion for the smallest creatures of all, the many magnificent microbes of our planet. When looking at microbes, it’s almost as if you encounter another cosmos. They can have the brightest colours, most unusual shapes and withstand extreme environments. Life without those bacteria, algae and fungi would be extremely plain and most likely not even possible. In the programme Onder het Maaiveld we focus on restoring soil biodiversity in the Netherlands. Healthy soils are a key habitat for many microbes and a flourishing soil life is the foundation of all life aboveground. Let’s cherish that unbelievable unseen life and preserve the microbial biodiversity.

Fanny Verkuijlen