Harry Tuinstra | Finance Officer

Harry Tuinstra is one of the Finance Officers at IUCN NL. Currently, he is working on the GLA project. Harry has almost 20 years of working experience in the financial part of Dutch Development Cooperation, of which six years at IUCN NL. Before this he worked for auditing firms for several years.

His position mainly consists of assessing budgets and reports of projects performed by IUCN NL’s partners. During all his years in the financial field, figures have always been only one part of the whole story to him. He is glad to be able to put two of his leisure time-passions into his work at IUCN NL. The first is that as a sportsman he cherishes fair play. The second is that he tries to put the figures where possible and when necessary into a broader, often historical, perspective. Finally, he is very happy to be able to help make some of the SDG’s succeed, and while doing so to look beyond the Western perspective as much as possible.