Henk Simons | Senior Expert Nature Conservation

Henk Simons has been working as Senior Expert Nature Conservation at IUCN NL since 2005.  In this position, he deals with a broad range of biodiversity issues, related to both conservation and sustainable use. His main tasks and activities include program development, policy infuencing and advice (e.g. inputs to Dutch nature policies) and project management. He is currently leading a project to develop a Dutch action agenda for biodiversity in preparation of the 2021 Biodiversity Summit in China. Henk is IUCN NL’s focal point for the international Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and for the IUCN Red List of threatened species. He coordinated conservation projects in Uganda and Ghana under IUCN NL’s Strategic Partnerships. 

Henk has over 35 years of, mostly international, working experience in the field of nature, biodiversity and development cooperation. He has worked for a variety of organisations, including NGOs – Wetlands International, WWF, IUCN – and FAO. His specific skills and expertise include: policy advice, project formulation and – evaluation, ecosystem and biodiversity assessment and monitoring, as well as conservation area management. He has extensive expertise on ecosystems, including tropical forests, woodlands and wetlands. He has long-term working experience in Indonesia, Malawi, Italy and the Netherlands, and has also travelled extensively to other countries for short-term assignments.