Monique de Jong | HR Manager

Monique has worked as HR Manager at IUCN NL since 2012. She has a broad portfolio alongside her HR responsibilities, including the topics of gender, integrity, safety and internal communications.

Through a side job at a software developer during her studies, Monique became regional sales manager at an international publisher of trade journals. In 2000, she took her first steps in the field of HR at a media company.

For Monique, an ideal working day consists of a lot of yellow and a little blue: a creative session with her team, deciding on matters that take the organisation to a higher level, developing new ideas and keeping the administration in order.

‘I like to help you’ is Monique’s motto. It gives her great satisfaction when she can successfully contribute to helping someone advance and when she can give people the feeling that they are seen.

Monique spends part of her free time on a HR board position at an international NGO and on coaching through hiking.

Monique de Jong