1. Fishermen, foto Jan Joseph Stok

    Working together on sustainable fishing

    In North Cameroon, artificial fishing canals were dewatering the land, damaging the natural landscape and causing... Read more

  2. Fisherman in the Philippines, Foto: IUCN NL

    More fish in the Philippines

    The coral reefs of Lamit Bay in the Philippines have been damaged by commercial overfishing and the use of dynamite,... Read more

  3. Mali plant restoration, foto: Joseph Lumumba

    Fertile farmland thanks to natural regeneration

    Farmers can do a lot themselves to restore tired farmland if they have the right... Read more

  4. Illegal logging, Foto: Piet Wit

    Effective report against illegal logging

    With support from IUCN NL, partner organisation Global Witness released a report with... Read more

  5. A small hydropower plant can now operate year-round, Foto: Evelien van den Broek

    Protection of trees leads to 40 percent rise in rice yield

    By protecting the trees in an Indonesian nature reserve, community forest guards have... Read more

  6. Shrimp, foto: Frank C. Müller

    Sustainable shrimp farming: a win-win situation

    Large-scale shrimp farming in Southeast Asia has economic advantages, but is also causing problems for the local... Read more

  7. Guianan rupicola rupicola, foto: Laurens Gomes

    Price tag on South American nature

    The Guiana Shield region in South America is home to no less than a quarter of the earth’s remaining pristine... Read more

  8. Participatory video

    Farmers learning more sustainable practices

    Aided by a self-made video, farmers in India have succeeded in convincing their fellow... Read more

  9. Fisher man at Taal Lake

    Freshwater sardinella return to Taal Lake

    Illegal fish farming was causing water pollution and high levels of fish mortality in... Read more

  10. Shea tree, Foto Marco Schmidt

    People and nature alike benefit from local management

    Increased population pressure drove local farmers into Mole National Park to hunt and... Read more