1. Fishermen at Lake Edward in DR Congo

    Transboundary collaboration for improved safety on Lake Edward

    Congolese rebel groups are terrorizing Lake Edward, which is an integral part of Virunga National Park. The lake... Read more

  2. Training of park rangers in Virunga National Park

    Ending impunity: prosecution of wildlife crime offenders in Virunga

    Virunga National Park is exceptionally rich in biodiversity, but is under extreme pressure due to poaching,... Read more

  3. Communities around Lake Edward in Virunga, DRC

    Communities protect people and biodiversity in and around Virunga

    Armed groups in and around Virunga National Park are terrorizing local communities and... Read more

  4. Unique law recognizes indigenous groups’ contribution to nature conservation

    In the Philippines, many areas that are rich in biodiversity overlap with indigenous... Read more

  5. Hippos

    Transboundary biosphere reserve connects people and nature

    In the densely populated delta of the Mono river on the border of Togo and Benin... Read more

  6. Blue-throated Macaw on next box (c) Aidan Maccormick

    Creating a blue birds nesting haven

    With no more than 500 individuals in the wild, the odds of survival for the blue throated macaw were looking pale.... Read more

  7. Forest degradation in Bugoma Forest Reserve

    Halting illegal encroachment into Uganda’s Bugoma forest

    The Bugoma Forest Reserve, situated in the Hoima district in western Uganda, is threatened by deforestation driven by... Read more

  8. Elephants

    Innovative information networks to predict and prevent poaching

    To save elephants from the threat of extinction we need to get better at predicting... Read more

  9. Masai

    Engaging communities to protect and secure space for wildlife

    Over 70% of Kenya’s wildlife is found outside of formally protected areas, on community... Read more

  10. Participatory video

    Farmers learning more sustainable practices

    Aided by a self-made video, farmers in India have succeeded in convincing their fellow... Read more