1. Atewa forest

    NGOs file complaint: plans to mine bauxite in Atewa Range Forest violate right to a safe and healthy environment

    15 January 2020

    A coalition of NGOs filed a notice of civil action against the Government of Ghana stating the plans to exploit the... Read more

  2. Cambodian woman collecting forest products

    [Blog series] Benefits of gender equality in sustainable ecosystem management (Part 1)

    17 December 2019

    Gender equality and women’s empowerment are matters of fundamental human rights and prerequisites to meeting... Read more

  3. Kinyara sugar estate in Uganda

    Influencing business to implement existing legislation

    17 December 2019

    When nature conservationists engage with the private sector in order to protect or... Read more

  4. Inundation in Bulungan, Indonesia

    Ensuring sustainable land use planning to improve climate resilience in Bulungan: 4 lessons

    17 December 2019

    Due to landscape degradation caused by economic pressures, the Bulungan Regency ... Read more

  5. Satellite image of open pit mine in Palawan, Philippines

    Land use change: trends, drivers and ways to safeguard ecosystem services

    17 December 2019

    Biodiverse ecosystems around the world are under considerable pressure from changes in... Read more

  6. Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp. niphopila

    Species recoveries bring hope amidst the biodiversity crisis - IUCN Red List

    10 December 2019

    Gland, Switzerland, 10 December 2019 (IUCN) – Conservation efforts have led to improvements in the status of ten... Read more

  7. Women human rights defenders from Southeast Asia and India join in ReSisters Dialogue

    Women human rights defenders find support and inspiration in ReSisters Dialogue

    29 November 2019

    Last September, women community leaders and activists defending the rights of their community against harmful... Read more

  8. Mercury use in ASGM

    Initial insights into the formal and informal global mercury trade

    13 November 2019

    The Minamata convention is regulating the formal trade and use of mercury. But little... Read more

  9. Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in Bangkok on November 4, 2019

    Financial institutions step up action to improve RSPO uptake

    6 November 2019

    The implementation of RSPO and comparable sustainability norms to address biodiversity... Read more

  10. Visual representation of a potential wildlife corridor in Ecuador

    How to identify potential wildlife corridors using big data

    23 October 2019

    Wildlife habitat corridors are critically important to the continued existence of many... Read more