1. Elephants

    Campaign to reduce ivory demand in China

    15 February 2017

    For the next three months, passengers on Chinese flights will be confronted with the dark side of ivory. China is one... Read more

  2. Zeuneriana marmorata

    Intensive agriculture and wildfires threaten over a quarter of Europe’s grasshoppers and crickets

    9 February 2017

    Brussels, 9 February 2017  ̶  Over a quarter of European grasshopper, cricket and bush cricket species are being... Read more

  3. Zakenmannen in bos geven elkaar een hand

    Register now for second edition Green Finance Academy

    17 January 2017

    How to attract funding for your environmental or development project? For the second... Read more

  4. Research station overlooking forest

    [Blog] Future of conservation funding: think like an entrepreneur

    9 January 2017

    Through our land acquisition fund, IUCN NL supports the Ecuadorian NGO Third Millennium... Read more

  5. Indonesia

    €30.000 for bio-based alternative to wood charcoal and pilot for seaweed production to tackle climate change

    8 December 2016

    OPIN Foundation and Royal IHC have both been awarded 30.000 euro for their innovative... Read more

  6. Lammergier

    Wildlife prepares for winter in Armenian nature reserve

    28 November 2016

    New trap camera footage from the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge shows that the area provides a good habitat for species,... Read more

  7. Atewa forest

    Protection of Ghanaian forest is most economically beneficial outcome

    9 November 2016

    Changing the protection status of the Atewa forest range in Ghana to a national park with surrounding buffer zone is... Read more

  8. Landschap met windturbine

    Call for commitment: sign declaration to integrate natural capital in business

    31 October 2016

    Platform Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy calls upon businesses to sign a... Read more

  9. Soja

    66% of soy used in the Netherlands still unsustainable

    14 October 2016

    The Netherlands failed to reach the 100% target it set itself for the purchase of... Read more

  10. Conference Natural Capital | Let's Talk Business!

    12 October 2016

    Platform BEE, an initiative of IUCN NL, Confederation of Netherlands Industry and... Read more