1. Cattle in Paraguay

    Deforestation risks in Latin America: Recommendations for investors

    3 December 2020

    On December 1, 2020, the Brazilian space agency INPE announced that deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon had risen... Read more

  2. Reforestation by ECOTRUST in Uganda

    Building local capacities for access to climate finance

    2 December 2020

    There is an urgent need for better delivery mechanisms and institutions that can channel climate finance to local... Read more

  3. Business engagement

    Guide presents top business engagement tips for conservation organisations

    1 December 2020

    How to engage with private sector parties towards nature conservation? A new guide... Read more

  4. Global uptake of deforestation-free soy is growing very slowly

    2 November 2020

    Deforestation-free and organic soy is only slowly making progress. A new report by the... Read more

  5. Orang utan and maned wolf

    Sustainability in vegetable oils: challenges for science and policy

    20 October 2020

    What is the connection between the maned wolf and the orang utan? Although they live... Read more

  6. Controversial gold and copper mine in the province of Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

    Institutional investors with more than €900 billion assets under management calling for improvement in mining sector

    28 September 2020

    In an Investor Statement published today by IUCN NL and the Association of Investors for Sustainable Development ... Read more

  7. Mercury in hand, Guyana © Bram Ebus/ InfoAmazonia

    Investigation into the illegal mercury route in the Amazon

    14 September 2020

    We are proud to announce the launch of the interactive platform “Mercury, chasing the quicksilver” that presents an... Read more

  8. Report Biodiversity measurement tools

    IUCN NL publishes report on biodiversity measurement

    6 July 2020

    Biodiversity footprinting is expected to become a core element of business and... Read more

  9. Deforestation for soy production

    Only 19% of European soy use is verified deforestation-free

    4 June 2020

    Deforestation-free soy is only slowly making progress in Europe. The new European Soy... Read more

  10. Artisinal and small-scale gold mining in Guyana (Photo: Bram Ebus/ InfoAmazonia)

    [Webinar] How can we eradicate mercury in artisanal and small-scale gold mining?

    25 May 2020

    A recent report by IUCN NL about the use of mercury in artisanal and small-scale gold... Read more