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Better information, better decisions

All businesses use natural capital. Sometimes directly, like a timber company. But more often indirectly, like a clothing company’s use of water. The Natural Capital Protocol, co-developed by IUCN NL, helps business measure and value their relationship with natural capital, resulting in a complete picture of their impacts and dependencies. This information helps companies to make better decisions that drive business performance.

Reduce risk

Having information about the impacts and dependencies on natural capital helps companies to identify their risks. By utilising this information, companies can reduce threats to business continuity. For example by establishing new production sites in places less vulnerable to extreme weather, flooding or drought.

Identify opportunities

Markets and your stakeholder’s needs are evolving around natural capital. Understanding your impacts and dependencies enables you to meet their needs, and strategise and grow your company in ways that ensure you stay ahead of the competition and capture new opportunities, for example through new product and service offerings.

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