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Why it works

Scientific basis

The scientific concept of 'planetary boundaries' distinguishes ecological boundaries within which we can live safely. If we exceed these, we endanger the natural recovery capacity of our planet. This is already the case: humanity consumes 1.7 times as much as our earth can handle. Together with scientists , we investigate how these boundaries work in practice and how they interact with each other. For example, what is the impact of climate change on biodiversity?

Normative goals

We translate the globally determined boundaries of our planet to concrete goals at landscape level. These goals are normative: they indicate what is necessary from an ecological point of view to turn the trends towards the safe side of the border. In pilots with companies, we work on the practical application of this, for example by setting a goal to maintain the water management in a certain production landscape. Doing better than the year before, or doing better than your competitors is not enough. With One Planet Thinking, companies strive to set measures to preserve the ecosystem. 

Learning programme

Thinking about applying planetary boundaries is in full development. One Planet Thinking is feeding that development, for example by contributing to the scientific debate, or by testing the application of local boundaries in practice. We are also working on further refining innovative instuments that make the impact on natural capital visible. This way, we take steps together to find solutions that provide space for both nature and economy.

For companies

Join the pioneers of business and discover the possibilities to explore the planetary boundaries within your organization. Together we work on setting sustainable targets. 

Curious about the possibilities? Contact: Romie Goedicke, Senior Expert Green Economy

For scientists

We work together with green think tanks, academics and social organizations with knowledge of social and ecological dynamics. The aim is to promote jointly required knowledge by facilitating research and developing new methods and tools. 

Wondering how you can contribute? Contact: Oscar Sabag, Expert Green Economy

Want to know more?

Contact our expert.

Operating within the planetary boundaries is not just the only way to ensure healthy economies, but has the potential to provide much greater and better shared growth than sticking to business as usual.

- Naoko Ishii, CEO and Chairperson, GEF


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