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Contribute to the Dutch Action Agenda for Nature and People

19 February 2020

2021 is a key moment for global biodiversity. At the biodiversity summit in Kunming (China), a new agreement will be made to set concrete targets: a ‘New Deal for Nature and People’. Dutch companies, knowledge institutions, NGOs and citizens can contribute to this by making a pledge to the Dutch Action Agenda for Nature and People.

With support from the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV), IUCN NL is compiling and catalyzing pledges of existing and new initiatives for biodiversity to develop the Dutch Action Agenda for Nature and People.

During the biodiversity summit (CBD CoP15) in 2021, world leaders will gather to discuss and agree how we can conserve biodiversity and guarantee the viability of our planet. The Netherlands is one of the countries that signed the biodiversity treaty, and will therefore be present at the summit. In preparation for this, the Action Agenda will be formally presented to the Dutch Government and will also be shared internationally.

What is a pledge?  

Each pledge for the Dutch Action Agenda contributes to the goals of the Biodiversity Convention (CBD): 1. conserve biodiversity; 2. sustainably use of biodiversity, and 3. fairly and equitably share its benefits.

Pledges may support recovery of species, conservation and restoration of nature in some way, reduce threats to biodiversity, raise awareness, or inspire others to act. Contributions can include large scale actions like restoring degraded ecosystems or setting aside protected areas to individual actions such as planting pollen and nectar plants.

View examples of submitted pledges

How can I be part of this?

You or your organization can make one or multiple pledges by clicking the button below to fill in the form. Tell us how you contribute to biodiversity and help bring about an ambitious Dutch contribution to the ‘New Deal for Nature and People’. 

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