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Dutch nature organizations share knowledge with Armenians

15 July 2016

Since 2011, IUCN NL has supported the Armenian organization FPWC in the creation and protection of the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge, now counting over 4000 hectares. Even more unique, it is the only privately protected area in the Caucasus region. Recently, Dutch IUCN members  visited the refuge to share their knowledge and learn from the pioneering activities of FPWC in this fascinating landscape. 

The 24/7 protection by the dedicated rangers  is clearly paying off. The number of bezoar goats has increased substantially and bears, lynxes, eagles and vultures are now regularly seen inside the reserve. “To further improve the management of this unique area, a more structured monitoring of species distribution and population numbers is needed. The specialist knowledge provided by our Dutch IUCN members can help FPWC to tailor the management more to the specific needs of certain species”, Marc Hoogeslag of IUCN NL says.

The Dutch members participating in this trip were Avalon Foundation, Butterfly Foundation, Zeeuws Landschap, Dutch Mammal Society, Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology  and Foundation for the preservation and protection of the Przewalski horse / Chimbo Foundation.



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