Green Deal shows: it pays to be transparent

25 May 2016

Companies benefit from making their social and environmental impacts visible. That is the conclusion of the final report of the Green Deal on Collaborating on Transparency of Natural and Social Capital. Increasing transparency drives innovation and helps to improve business performance. 

Over the past two years, 22 companies took measures to make the influence of their products on people and nature transparent, from sourcing to end user. This was done as part of the Dutch partnership ‘Green Deal on Collaborating on Transparency of Natural of Natural and Social Capital’, an initiative of IUCN NL, MVO Netherlands, True Price and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

Best practices are now presented in the final report, which was offered today to European commissioners and directors at the 18th European Corporate Governance Conference. The report includes inspiring examples which other companies can use to take similar steps.

Download the final report: 



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