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IUCN NL helps to turn climate adaptation projects into reality

1 September 2020

Do you have a great idea for a climate adaptation project, but don’t know how to turn it into reality? Join the online Dragon’s Den during CBA14 for expert guidance from IUCN NL and Global Resilience on how to make a powerful investment pitch.

‘During the Dragon’s Den, participants work in teams to develop ideas for adaption projects, create supporting business plans and learn how to make powerful investment pitches,’ says Romie Goedicke, Senior Expert Green Economy at IUCN NL.  

The sessions culminate in a competition-style plenary session where participants present their idea to a panel of people with investment experience. These ‘dragons’ ('Dragons' Den' is the name a popular TV programme) assess the merits and viability of the pitches, seen through the eyes of investors. They offer feedback, give guidance on funding options – and pick a winner.

Join the introduction to the Dragon’s Den on September 2

The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), who hosts the Dragon’s Den sessions at its 14th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA14), interviewed last year’s winner Dorice Bosibori Moseti, who most impressed the dragons with her waste management project 'Trash to Cash'.

Investor interest

Dorice Bosibori Moseti: ‘My waste management idea included ways to prevent flooding (household waste collection, sorting waste at source, cleaning drains) and recycling plastics. But that’s all it was – an idea. After I won Dragon’s Den I could see there could be real investor interest. I wanted to make this idea real.’

Moseti is satisfied with the organization of the session: ‘Running through the problem, thinking through the intervention, and then coming up with the solution. Then, working up your business idea and ways to make that business attractive to investors. Each of these simple and logical steps really helped frame your proposal.’

Why participate

Why people should participate? ‘You can have a great idea – but you need the right documents and material to back it up. Especially when you’re standing on a stage in front of 300 people! Investors want to see the business plan. If your business plan isn’t clear, doesn’t show clear ways of making a profit, and the numbers don’t add up, no partners can invest.’

For the full interview, see:

More information

For more information CBA14, on the Dragon's den session and how to attend, see:

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