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IUCN NL strategic partner of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

23 November 2015

Since this week, IUCN NL is one of the strategic partners of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Within the partnership, IUCN NL will strengthen the lobby and advocacy capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) in 18 low- and middle-income countries in South America, Africa and South East Asia. The objective: sustainable and inclusive landscape management.

IUCN NL does so in collaboration with various alliance partners. With WWF-NL, IUCN NL will improve dialogue and collaboration between businesses, local civil society organizations and government bodies, so that they can jointly take responsibility over a landscape.

“Each of these parties has a stake in the landscape,” says Sander van Andel of IUCN NL. “Businesses depend on nature for their resources, but they also have an impact on nature, often negatively affecting local inhabitants. Although the government has a duty of care over nature, this duty is often not exercised. Only by looking for joint solutions, and by making government and businesses aware of their responsibility, we can secure long term sustainable ecosystem management.”

With Friends of the Earth Netherlands and Tropenbos International, IUCN NL will contribute to the conservation of forested landscapes in among others DR Congo, Bolivia and Indonesia. Forests are of crucial importance for the livelihood of local inhabitants: they provide clean water, fertile soil for food production and improve climate resilience.

With these two strategic partnerships, IUCN NL and the abovementioned partners operate within the policy framework Dialogue and Dissent of Minister Lilianne Ploumen. Apart from these two partnerships, the Ministry has created partnerships with other 23 (alliances of) civil society organizations. The partnerships last from 2016 to 2020. 

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