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IUCN welcomes new Dutch member: Leo Foundation

16 June 2017

This week IUCN announced the new membership of Leo Foundation. This brings the number of Dutch members of IUCN to a total of 36. Leo Foundation is dedicated to securing viable large carnivore populations, such as lions, leopards, hyaenas, tigers and African wild dogs.

Hans de Iongh, president of the Leo Foundation, is convinced that the knowledge from the IUCN network can be very helpful in achieving the foundation's mission. "In particular the knowledge on specific species, for example in the Species Survival Group, in which some of our board members are actively participating."

IUCN NL offers a platform for the Dutch IUCN members that range from nature and environment organizations and scientific institutes to the Dutch government. Coenraad Krijger, director of IUCN NL: "Thanks to their field projects in several African countries, Leo Foundation brings in practical experience. But at the same time, because of their affiliation with research group of Leiden University, they also have important scientific knowledge to share. i look forward to many interesting exchanges within our member base."

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