SOS Symposium diagnosing the state of the earth

10 April 2018

What is the current state of our planet? What actions are needed to restore and protect the health of our planet, from a policy, conservation, business and education point of view? At the SOS Symposium, held on April 18th and 19th in Museon The Hague, top scientists will give their analysis.

The earth is increasingly signaling SOS in the form of rising temperatures, droughts, sea level rise, loss of fertile land, loss of fauna and flora both on land and in the oceans. 


A thorough diagnosis of what is going on and a well-considered prognosis of where it is going to are essential to come to an effective therapy of patient Earth. Top scientists – the internists – will give their analysis of the situation now and in the future, so that the “surgeons”, those working in politics, policy, law, education, engineering, industry, agriculture and business, and we all as consumers, citizens, parents and students receive guidance on what to do in practice.

The symposium will give the contours of a roadmap to protect and restore the health of the planet, also from a security perspective to provide peace and stability for the long-term.

Speakers from IUCN network

Several speakers from the IUCN network will share their thoughts with the audience.

Christine Breitenmoser-Würsten, co-chair of the IUCN SSC Cat Specialist Group, will analyse the world wide species decline. Johan van de Gronden, IUCN NL chairman, will use his background in philosophy to demonstrate how our physical health and spiritual well-being are intrinsically related to the ecosystems on which all life rests.

Participation is free of charge, but registration is required.

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