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Symposium: ‘Plants under pressure’

25 September 2019

This fall, the Flower Art Museum in Aalsmeer will open an  exhibition by the internationally acclaimed photographer Richard Fischer. Because of his efforts to photograph endangered plant species, Fischer has been named the ‘Ambassador of Flowers’. But why are plants endangered? And what can we do to better protect them? During a symposium on October 15th, experts will share their vision from a scientific and practical perspective.

Fischer is one of the most prominent botanical photographers worldwide, and wants to use his art to make people more aware of the vulnerability of nature. And he is right to do so, because out of the plant species evaluated by the Red List of Threatened Species, 43% are at risk of extinction. On October 15th, IUCN NL and the Flower Art Museum will organize a symposium, during which experts will discuss endangered plant species and how they can be protected.

Plant research and protection

Henk Simons, senior expert Nature Conservation at IUCN NL, will tell us about a number of plant species that are on the Red List, why we should be worried about their fragility and what we can do to better protect them.

Subsequently, ecologist Lou Jost will share his experience with endangered plants and flowers. With the support of IUCN NL’s land acquisition fund , he manages a beautiful nature reserve in the depths of Ecuador, where many rare species of orchids and other plants flourish. Jost’s many discoveries of new species has earned him the name of ‘The orchid hunter’.

Richard Fischer will also take the floor during the event, and will share with the audience why he finds it so important to showcase endangered plants through his art.

Date & time

Tuesday October 15th, from 3 until 6 p.m.


Flower Art Museum, Kudelstaartseweg 1, Aalsmeer


Attending the symposium is free of charge, but registration is required

Register here

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