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Unique footage: shy lynx spotted in Armenian reserve

11 April 2016

For the first time ever, a wild lynx was spotted in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge in Armenia. The impressive predator was previously captured on trap cameras in the refuge, but was never before seen in real life. A unique experience for ranger Gor Hovhannisyan, who managed to film the lynx roaming the grounds near the ranger station.

The Caucasus Wildlife Refuge was founded in 2011 by the local conservation NGO FPWC with support from IUCN NL. Since then, it has increasingly becoming a safe haven for flora and fauna. The presence of predators such as the lynx proves this: “It’s an indication that the reserve is a suitable habitat that provides enough prey”, says Marc Hoogeslag from IUCN NL.

The support from IUCN NL to the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge is made possible by the Dutch Postcode Lottery.




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