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Innovative ideas for climate projects at National Sustainability Congress

25 October 2017

Who has the most promising business plan to tackle the impacts and causes of climate change in developing countries? On November 9th, the six finalists of the Mobilising More (MoMo) for Climate Challenge pitch their ideas in front of a jury of investors. The climate project with the highest investment potential will receive 25.000 euro seed money to to further develop their business cases.

"The aim of Mobilising More is to expand the number of green projects that pose an interesting investment opportunity and can mobilise private funding", says Maxime Eiselin from IUCN NL, one of the founders of the MoMo initiative. "The financial sector is increasingly showing interest in projects with a positive climate impact. But for investors, it is crucial that there is a clear business case involved."

MoMo provides advice and support to ensure these projects can successfully access private sector finance. Eiselin: "The government also has a role to play here, for example by reducing barriers for investors through policy or other government action."

MoMo's finale will take place on November 9th at the National Sustainability Congress in Den Bosch. “For private investors, this is a great opportunity to meet green entrepreneus with promising business models that have a green and sustainable return on investment."


Join us for the MoMo finale. Please register by clicking the button and you will receive an exclusive discount voucher that will give NGOs a discount of € 150 and other organisations € 100 discount. 

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