Nature as the foundation

Our vision is a just world in which nature is valued and protected. Our goal? To safeguard nature as the foundation for all life on earth. In this endeavour we devote special attention to areas that have a high natural value and special biodiversity, which are under pressure, and to the people who depend on that nature.

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‘Our goal is to safeguard nature as the foundation for all life on earth.’

Coenraad Krijger, Director of IUCN NL

The world’s largest union for nature conservation

IUCN bundles the experience, knowledge and network of over 1400 authorities, social organisations, knowledge institutions and over 15,000 experts. IUCN is the worldwide authority on the status of nature and the necessary conservation measures. IUCN’s international headquarters are based in Gland, Switzerland. For more information about IUCN.

IUCN in the Netherlands

IUCN NL is administratively and financially independent and follows its own strategy, which is consistent with and contributes to IUCN’s global strategy. We represent IUCN in the Netherlands and work closely with other IUCN branches and with partner organisations in and outside the international union.

IUCN NL forms the Dutch National Committee, or the platform for Dutch member organisations of the IUCN.

Our 2020-2024 strategy

Bundling our strengths

Our role and added value is to support and boost the work of (other) nature organisations in and outside the Netherlands and to bundle our strengths. This enables us to increase our collective impact. As well as bringing together key players, we advise social organisations, authorities and the business community on nature conservation and the sustainable use of nature.

We achieve our goals by developing and implementing specific programmes and projects. To do this we actively seek cooperation with partner organisations and various donors.

Transparency and good governance

We consider openness and good governance to be paramount. This is why we adhere to the transparency guidelines of the CBF quality label and are committed to the Partos and Goede Doelen Nederland professional codes of conduct. What’s more, we make our data public via the IATI (International Aid Transparancy Initiative). IUCN NL complies with the regulation for the remuneration of directors as established by Goede Doelen Nederland.

We are a foundation subject to Dutch law (Stichting IUCN Nederlands Nationaal Comité). Our Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number is: 41180885

IUCN NL has obtained CBF-certification and ANBI (non-profit tax designation) status.

Supervisory board IUCN NL

Guidelines and policy

Working in a global, multicultural setting, IUCN NL strives to ensure best practice in its everyday operations. Therefore, the highest standards of conduct and professional ethics are expected from our staff. Our Code of Conduct provides guidance towards compliance with such standards.

The Code of Conduct and other guidelines and policies, like our procedure on complaints, can be found below.

Annual Report


  • What are IUCN NL’s core values?

    The guiding principles in our work are derived from our values and convictions, and determine our methodology. They provide the foundations for our work.

    • We believe in the intrinsic value of biodiversity and in nature serving as the basis of all life. We recognise its vital importance for the well-being and prosperity of people and society.
    • We shift the goalposts and bridge frontiers: without overlooking short-term impacts, we believe in creating system change as a necessary, sustainable solution for nature conservation.
    • We believe in the power of working with nature and anchoring nature conservation in the local society and economy as the fundamentals of sustainable solutions.
    • We believe in the strength of anchoring nature conservation locally. We work in an inclusive and socially just manner, and support diversity and well-being. As signatories to the Conservation Initiative on Human Rights we respect internationally recognised human rights.
    • We are an integral part of the IUCN union. We will always seek cooperation with and between member organisations, committees and the secretariat, and contribute to the mission and strategy. Our work is based on IUCN knowledge and standards, the latest scientific insights and local and indigenous knowledge.
  • How is IUCN NL managed?

    IUCN NL is a foundation subject to Dutch law (Stichting IUCN Nederlands Nationaal Comité, Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number 41180885 with a two-tier governance model. Day-to-day administration is the responsibility of a one-person (director-administrator) executive with independent supervision by a Supervisory Board. [link naar RvT-leden op Medewerkers pagina] Day-to-day management of the professional organisation is run by a Management Team [link naar MT op Medewerkers pagina] chaired by the director.

    The Dutch member organisations of IUCN [link naar ledenpagina] united in the Participants’ Meeting have formal influence and a say in the governance and direction of IUCN NL. They appoint the members of the Supervisory Board and agree on the multi-year strategy. At least one of the members of the Supervisory Board is appointed from the members.

  • How is IUCN NL financed?

    IUCN NL is financially independent and obtains most of its funding from projects that are invariably developed and implemented with other partners. Unlike many other charities in the Netherlands, IUCN NL does not have any donors or other permanent income from fundraising. Private donors that contribute to our Land Acquisition Fund for Nature constitute an exception to this [link].

  • What is the strategy adopted by IUCN NL?

    IUCN NL adopts a multi-year strategy, which is consistent with and contributes to IUCN’s global strategy. The strategy is decisive for developing the portfolio of programmes and projects we implement to achieve our goals and impact. Read more about our current 2020-2024 strategy here [link].