In the Netherlands IUCN currently has 37 members, which form the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands. They are nature organisations, scientific institutes and the Dutch government. Members convene two times a year during our Participants Meeting.

Photo by natuurfan1978 from Pixabay via Canva

Collaboration with IUCN

In our work we jointly strive with the members to achieve the goals we defined in the IUCN Nature 2030: the programme for the union 2021-2024 and the regional European supplement: the IUCN Europe Work Plan 2021-2024.

We align our efforts with the IUCN Regional Office for Europe in Brussels and the IUCN Secretariat in Gland. We regularly inform the other National Committees in Europe. We also maintain contact with the IUCN Council and the six scientific Commissions of IUCN.

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Information for members

For more information IUCN members and IUCN commission members can visit the IUCN Portals.

Information about the Dutch national committee

Interested to learn more about our role as the Dutch national committee? Please contact Marianne de Beer.