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Local partners

IUCN NL works with approximately two hundred local nature organisations in around 30 countries in Asia, South America and Africa. IUCN NL connects all parties involved so they can optimally collaborate on sustainable nature conservation.

Dutch Postcode Lottery

IUCN NL has been a beneficiary of the Dutch Postcode Lottery since 2001 and receives an annual contribution, which it is free to spend on its mission, amounting to €900,000. IUCN NL has used this support since 2001, to manage the Land Acquisition Fund, among others. The contribution is also used to fund our activities for the platform of Dutch IUCN member organisations.

In addition to the standard contribution, IUCN NL regularly receives additional project funding from the Lottery. In 2019, we received an additional amount for the Operation Jaguar project and in 2020, we jointly received an extra amount in association with NIOO-KNAW (Netherlands Institute of Ecology) and the Vlinderstichting for the Onder het Maaiveld project.

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Dutch government

IUCN NL has a long history of cooperation with the Dutch government, in particular with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. During 2021-2025, IUCN NL is part of Forests for a Just Future , a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition we receive shorter-term programme funding from the Ministry and embassies. From the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality we receive funding to support Dutch input for the Convention on Biological Diversity and greening the Dutch economy.

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European Union and other international donors

IUCN NL receives multiple subsidies from the European Union, from the central budgets in Brussels as well as from regional EU delegations. We also receive project subsidies from other international donors, including GIZ (Germany) and a number of private funds in Europe and the United States.

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Groene 11

Groene 11 is the cooperation partnership for public affairs of different nature and environmental organisations. Groene 11 helps increase the effectiveness of the lobbying work carried out by participating organisations towards the Dutch government. The following organisations are part of Groene 11: Greenpeace, IUCN NL, IVN, LandschappenNL, Milieudefensie, Natuur & Milieu, Natuur en Milieufederaties, Natuurmonumenten, SoortenNL, Stichting De Noordzee, Vogelbescherming Nederland, Waddenvereniging, and the World Wide Fund for Nature. More information:

Deltaplan for Restoring Biodiversity 

As a partner of the Deltaplan for Restoring Biodiversity we work to make the Netherlands a country in which people and nature can flourish. The Deltaplan’s ambition is to transform biodiversity loss in the Netherlands into biodiversity restoration. A broad social movement is needed to achieve this. The Deltaplan unites knowledge institutes, agricultural representatives, citizens, businesses, nature and environmental organisations and banks.