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Dutch companies and government invest half a million in Peruvian forest

9 December 2014

Four Dutch companies and the Dutch government invest half a million Euro in forest conservation in the Peruvian Amazon. By preventing deforestation, they contribute to the fight against climate change. Tropical deforestation is for 15 to 20 percent responsible for greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Participating companies are Desso, Eneco, Essent and FMO. They support a project in the Peruvian Tambopata nature reserve and earlier this week, representatives from the four companies brought a visit to the forests of Tambopata. They announced their contribution during the UN-climate summit that is taking place right now in the Peruvian capital Lima.

The project enables local farmers in Tambopata to receive trainings in the cultivation of sustainable cacao. The selling of this cacao offers them a better income and decreases the need for farmers to expand subsistence farming inside the reserve. Besides contributing to climate and social outcomes, the project also helps protect endangered animals and plants.

In exchange for their support to the prevention deforestation, Desso, Eneco, Essent and FMO receive greenhouse gas emission reduction certificates. They use these certificates to compensate greenhouse gas emissions within their business operations that cannot be reduced in another way.

The support is arranged as part of the REDD+ Business Initiatives of the Platform Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy (Platform BEE), an initiative of IUCN NL and the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW). The platform is funded by the ministry of Economic Affairs. The REDD+ accomplishment is achieved in cooperation with the Althelia Climate Fund.


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