Murchison Falls Uganda (c) Rod Waddington

East African network seeking to promote an inclusive green economy launched

Today, a new network of Ugandans and East Africans from across civil society and the private sector have united to promote a new vision for a green East African economy. Named the Inclusive Green Economy Network-East Africa (IGEN-EA), the network was officially launched in Kampala, Uganda today. IUCN NL, with the support of its partner the 11Th Hour Project, have been following the development of the IGEN-EA network closely and are pleased to see how Ugandan civil society actors as well as key economic sectors are advancing in the value of healthy ecosystems sustaining an green economic model.

Header photo: Murchison Falls Uganda © Rod Waddington

The network`s mission is to support the realisation of green investments in key economic sectors that create opportunities for all Ugandans, while promoting environmental conservation, climate resilience and human rights protection. The network is focused on promoting and attracting investment to small-scale organic agriculture, fisheries, tourism, clean energy, agro-forestry and others.

‘Uganda has a lot of natural resources such as forests, lakes and fertile soils’, says Tina Lain, senior expert environmental justice at IUCN NL. ‘At the moment East Africa is focusing strongly on oil and gas exploitation, which will destruct the countries natural resources, increase landlessness and worsen climate change. Investing in sectors like agriculture, forestry, fishery and tourism will strengthen the Ugandan economy thus lifting many Ugandans out of poverty.’

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