Business case development to support climate resilient landscapes

Climate change has major consequences for people and nature. Many of the more vulnerable countries in the tropics lack the financial and other resources to adapt to climate change effects. In a new paper, we outline the key lessons learned from our project MoMo4C on development of green business cases in tropical landscapes.

Header photo: Cacao © Holiet via Pixabay

To address the causes and consequences of climate change and achieve broader goals for inclusive sustainable development, it is important to improve the resilience of landscapes with a unique and high biodiversity.

Paper presents key lessons learned

In a paper, we present the key lessons learned based on the successes and challenges of the first two years of the Mobilising More for Climate (MoMo4C) programme with regard to the identification, incubation and acceleration of green business cases in the selected landscapes.

The MoMo4C approach to business case development has four steps:

  1. identifying business cases,
  2. business incubation and acceleration,
  3. creating access to investors,
  4. scaling up to achieve impact on landscape level.

The blue print paper describes the lessons learned for each of these steps so investors, companies and civil society organisations who are active in green business development can learn from them.

Developing green business propositions

MoMo4C is a five-year programme of IUCN NL, WWF Netherlands and Tropenbos International and implementing partners that are based in landscapes in Cameroon, Ghana, Indonesia, Uganda and Zambia. The programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

MoMo4C applies an integrated landscape approach: it aims to develop green business propositions that tackle the impacts and causes of climate change by bringing together entrepreneurs, companies, policymakers, investors, civil society organisations and local entrepreneurs at the landscape level.

Investments for climate resilience

Through bottom-up development of these business cases, the goal of the programme is to attract new or redirect existing green investments to rural, biodiverse areas that have poor access to finance. These investments boost inclusive, climate resilient and sustainable landscape development.

Maxime Eiselin
Senior Expert Nature-based Solutions