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The IUCN Red List is the starting point for conservation action. It shows where action needs to be taken to save species - the building blocks of nature - from extinction. It provides a straightforward way to factor biodiversity needs into decision-making processes by providing a wealth of useful information on species. 


The IUCN Red List is a rich compendium of information on threats, ecological requirements, and habitats of species; and on conservation actions that can be taken to reduce or prevent extinctions. It is based on an objective system for assessing the risk of extinction of a species based on past, present, and projected threats. Species assessments are conducted following a standardized process using the rigorous IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria, ensuring the highest standards of scientific documentation, information management, expert review, and justification.

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  • 93,577 species evaluated
  • 160,000 assessment goal
  • 26,197 species threatened

The IUCN Red List tells us where we ought to be concerned and where the urgent needs are to do something to prevent the despoliation of this world. It is a great agenda for the work of conservationists. - Sir David Attenborough




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