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Why it works

Combats climate change

Conserving forests means preventing CO2 emissions. This way, REDD + contributes to the fight against climate change. Healthy tropical forests also help local communities to be resilient to climate change.

Safeguards ecosystem services

Forest provide many other valuable services, such as clean water, fertile soil, timber, food and a habitat for species. These services are safeguarded through conservation of tropical forests.

Contributes to sustainable development

Investing in REDD+ allows developed countries to contribute to sustainable development and improve well-being in developing countries. Local communities benefit from the revenue and services generated through preservation of the forest. On top of that, alternative sources of income from forestry and sustainable land use are developed.

Climate neutral business

Investors receive carbon offsets. These can be used to compensate CO2 emissions that cannot be otherwise reduced. 

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  • Deforestation and forest degradation account for 1/5 of global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Over a billion people depend on tropical forests for their livelihoods
  • REDD+ mechanism offers emission reductions that are additional to official emission reduction agreements
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