Filipino environmental defender Judy Pasimio: ‘We are not invisible’

The rights of Indigenous people in the Philippines are enshrined in their constitution and backed by international law, yet they still face discrimination, human rights violations and dispossession which represses their basic rights.

Header photo: Judy Pasimio at a protest © Shar Balagtas

Filipino environmental and human rights defender Judy Pasimio is addressing this injustice from the women’s perspective. She was interviewed by Vice Versa global for their special on gender-based violence.

‘I am afraid of the threats thrown at us on social media while they have actual guns pointed at them at every corner.’

Judy Pasimio

Pasimio is the coordinator of LILAK – Purple Action for Indigenous Women’s Rights- one of IUCN NL’s partners in the Forests for a Just Future programme.

Frederique Holle
Expert Environmental Justice