Coenraad Krijger | Director

As director, Coenraad is responsible for the direction, activities and organisation of IUCN NL and is also its figurehead. He leads the activities of IUCN NL in the Netherlands and Europe and is involved in various programmes as a member of joint steering committees. Within IUCN NL, he is senior expert in the various perspectives on nature conservation and the connection between nature conservation and other societal issues. He fulfils the role of National Coordinator for SDG 15 Life on Land.

Coenraad has been passionate about nature and its diversity from an early age. Before starting at IUCN NL in 2016, Coenraad worked for 20 years in scientific research and science and innovation policy, of which the last 15 years at the Dutch Research Council (NWO). He was trained as an ecologist at Wageningen University (MSc) and Leiden University (PhD), doing fieldwork in the Netherlands, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. In his career, Coenraad has built up considerable experience in international cooperation and has been involved in the establishment of several international cooperation initiatives.

Coenraad Krijger