Marc hoogeslag | Senior Expert Nature Conservation

After extensive travels in Southern Africa and Latin America, Marc Hoogeslag joined IUCN NL as a volunteer in 1999. At IUCN NL he worked on programmes supporting local NGOs in the conservation of wetlands, dry areas and tropical rainforests. He was the co-founder of the Land Acquisition Fund in 2001 and has been in charge of this programme ever since. In 2019 he joined the team that initiated Operation Jaguar, a 3-year programme focusing on tackling the poaching and trafficking of jaguars in Latin America.

Marc was born and raised in the Dutch countryside and inherited the love for flora and fauna from his parents. As a child he was mesmerized by nature documentaries on tv, showing the precious beauty of amazing places on the planet. Studying ‘Management of natural resources in the tropics’ at Wageningen University laid the basis for a career in which he can do what he loves most: supporting passionate people all over the world to protect endangered species.