The IUCN NL Land Acquisition Fund invites nature conservation NGOs around the world to submit their proposal to safeguard nature under threat. Our Land Acquisition Fund provides financial support to locally-based NGOs seeking to secure, connect and protect habitat of endangered species, through purchasing of long-term leasing. The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is May 1st, 2023.

Header photo: Critically Endangered brown spider monkey (Ateles hybridus). © Santiago Rosado – FBC

Main criteria for submitting a proposal

The general objective of the proposed project must contribute to the main objective of the IUCN NL Land Acquisition Fund: enabling locally-based conservation NGO’s to secure, connect and protect habitat of IUCN Red List species.

Furthermore, potentially successful proposals:

  • are submitted by NGOs based in countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Pacific region with experience and sufficient capacity for conservation and project management;
  • will conserve crucial habitat of endangered species through purchase, long-term leasing or conservation agreements;
  • seek to harmonies with the needs, views, expertise and experience of local stakeholders.

Deadline for submitting pre-proposals: May 1st, 2023.

Guidelines for privately protected areas

The IUCN NL Land Acquisition Fund and American Bird Conservancy developed practical guidelines for people managing privately protected areas. The manual shares nine pragmatic steps guiding readers from the creation phase to the development of management tools. Applicants are advised to read the manual.

About the Land Acquisition Fund

Since 2001, the IUCN NL Land Acquisition Fund has funded over 135 projects in 37 countries, together protecting 70,000 hectares of nature. Together with local partner organisations we have been able to make a difference for countless endangered animal species, such as the golden lion tamarin in Brazil and the Philippine forest turtle.

More information? Contact:

Marc Hoogeslag
Senior Expert Nature Conservation