1. Hippo in Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo

    Citizen science leads to better protection of hippos in DR Congo

    The hippo population in the Virungapark in DR Congo is under severe pressure. Their numbers are drastically declining... Read more

  2. Dwellings on Cagayan de Oro river, Philippines

    Multi-stakeholder effort mobilizes tax money for conservation and restoration

    The devastating effects of tropical storms made people on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines painfully aware... Read more

  3. Fishermen at Lake Edward in DR Congo

    Transboundary collaboration for improved safety on Lake Edward

    Congolese rebel groups are terrorizing Lake Edward, which is an integral part of... Read more

  4. Training of park rangers in Virunga National Park

    Ending impunity: prosecution of wildlife crime offenders in Virunga

    Virunga National Park is exceptionally rich in biodiversity, but is under extreme... Read more

  5. Communities around Lake Edward in Virunga, DRC

    Communities protect people and biodiversity in and around Virunga

    Armed groups in and around Virunga National Park are terrorizing local communities and... Read more

  6. Unique law recognizes indigenous groups’ contribution to nature conservation

    In the Philippines, many areas that are rich in biodiversity overlap with indigenous territories. Therefore, IUCN NL... Read more

  7. Ecuadorian White-Fronted Capuchin

    Using satellite data to determine conservation opportunities in coastal Ecuador

    The once vast forest area of Coastal Ecuador, which spans from the highly biodiverse Ecuadorian Chocó forests in the... Read more

  8. Deforestation in the Paraguayan Chaco

    Tackling uncontrolled deforestation in Paraguay by improving landscape planning

    The dry forest in Bahia Negra, Paraguay, is under threat from massive forest clearance... Read more

  9. Lake Rukwa, Tanzania

    Aligning interests for a stable water supply in Tanzania

    In the Rukwa-Katavi landscape in Tanzania, economic developments coupled with... Read more

  10. CDO Basin

    Mobilising funds for sustainable cocoa production and climate adaptation in the Philippines

    Protecting a coastal ecosystem – how can you turn that into a commercial investment... Read more