1. Deforestation in the Paraguayan Chaco

    Tackling uncontrolled deforestation in Paraguay by improving landscape planning

    The dry forest in Bahia Negra, Paraguay, is under threat from massive forest clearance for cattle ranching. By... Read more

  2. Lake Rukwa, Tanzania

    Aligning interests for a stable water supply in Tanzania

    In the Rukwa-Katavi landscape in Tanzania, economic developments coupled with unsustainable practices are affecting... Read more

  3. CDO Basin

    Mobilising funds for sustainable cocoa production and climate adaptation in the Philippines

    Protecting a coastal ecosystem – how can you turn that into a commercial investment... Read more

  4. Hippos

    Transboundary biosphere reserve connects people and nature

    In the densely populated delta of the Mono river on the border of Togo and Benin... Read more

  5. Mining in Myanmar

    Community monitoring of mining activities in Myanmar

    Since the ceasefire in 2012, Myanmar has seen a sharp increase in both largescale and... Read more

  6. Blue-throated Macaw on next box (c) Aidan Maccormick

    Creating a blue birds nesting haven

    With no more than 500 individuals in the wild, the odds of survival for the blue throated macaw were looking pale.... Read more

  7. Mognore community on fringes of Mole National Park

    Forest cover restoration improves the income of women in Ghana

    Communities in the Mole savanna landscape in Northern Ghana are suffering the consequences of natural resource... Read more

  8. Communities in the Mekong Flooed Forest landscape depend on fish from the Mekong river

    Securing communities’ rights to natural resources in Cambodia

    Economic land concessions for large-scale agricultural production in Cambodia are often... Read more

  9. Forest degradation in Bugoma Forest Reserve

    Halting illegal encroachment into Uganda’s Bugoma forest

    The Bugoma Forest Reserve, situated in the Hoima district in western Uganda, is... Read more

  10. Rio Negro

    Better monitoring and enforcement to tackle deforestation in Paraguay

    The dry forest in the Chaco ecoregion, covering parts of Argentina, Bolivia and... Read more