Rita van Keulen | Office Manager

With a master’s degree in Communication science in her backpack, Rita gained 26 years of experience as an office manager in the non-profit sector and 4 years as a project manager in Eastern Europe. She is a talent in organizing. If you were to describe Rita in one sentence it would be this: Rita can get things done and achieve results.

When she was working for Milieukontakt International she successfully coordinated an Activity Fund, which gave the opportunity to specifically small local NGOs to apply for funding for which it is difficult to find funding with larger donors.

During the years as a project manager in Eastern Europe, Rita was responsible for planning and implementation of environmental projects together with an international team. She experienced a huge pleasure in working with local NGOs.

Rita started working with IUCN NL in 2011 because her drive in life is to make a difference, no matter how small. Working with IUCN NL fulfils this goal. Her main assignments are office management, project administration and her role as an emergency officer.

Rita has a realistic, flexible and open attitude and she is highly motivated and committed to her work.

Rita van Keulen