1. Ecuadorian White-Fronted Capuchin

    Using satellite data to determine conservation opportunities in coastal Ecuador

    The once vast forest area of Coastal Ecuador, which spans from the highly biodiverse Ecuadorian Chocó forests in the... Read more

  2. Blue-throated Macaw on next box (c) Aidan Maccormick

    Creating a blue birds nesting haven

    With no more than 500 individuals in the wild, the odds of survival for the blue throated macaw were looking pale.... Read more

  3. Orang Utan, Foto: Greg Hume

    Orang-utan pushed to the brink by palm oil plantations in Borneo

    Rapidly expanding palm oil plantations across Borneo are replacing the habitat of the... Read more

  4. Mouflon

    Safe haven for unique Armenian flora and fauna

    Leasing a unique nature area in the Caucasus allows vulnerable species to be protected... Read more

  5. Gouden leeuwaapje

    Golden lion tamarin makes a comeback

    In the 1990s, golden lion tamarins were barely hanging on to a thread of survival with... Read more

  6. Jaguar Sierra Gorda wild camera

    Sanctuary for jaguars in Mexico

    The Mexican nature organization GESG has been working to protect the wonderful nature in the Sierra Gorda reserve... Read more

  7. Elephant Crossing

    Making way for elephants in India

    For generations, elephants in India have been using the same routes as they migrate. Yet more and more people are... Read more