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The strategic acquisition of small patches of land is an extremely targeted and cost effective tool to protect nature. It takes only a few hectares of land to create a corridor between two isolated forests, thereby greatly increasing the living space for wide ranging species such as parrots, elephants, monkeys and jaguars. 


With its land acquisition approach, IUCN NL places the ownership and management responsibility of natural resources in the hands of local, in-country organizations with a clear conservation objective and eye for the needs of local communities. Empowering these dedicated professionals working in the frontline is the best way of achieving long-term sustainable conservation.  


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  • 130 projects funded

  • 39,000 hectares secured

  • 38 countries

  • 100 NGO's supported

We’re talking just fifty acres, hundred acres, twenty acres. But this patch of land connects thousands and thousands of square kilometers of forest, and therefore it is critical to the wellbeing of several key biodiversity species. - Vivek Menon, Wildlife Trust of India


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You can help save threatened wildlife habitats by supporting our land acquisition fund. Contact Hanneloes Weeda, Grants and Funding Manager, to explore opportunities.