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[Podcast series] Saving the endangered maleo bird on Sulawesi

6 January 2021

IUCN NL works with local NGOs across the globe to create or expand safe reserves for endangered species and to connect wildlife habitats to increase species’ changes of survival. Passionate conservationists from Brazil, Indonesia and Iraq share their story in our Conservation Inspiration Podcast series. The first episode takes us to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, where Marcy Summers is dedicated to saving the endangered maleo bird from extinction.  

The Indonesian island of Sulawesi harbours numerous rare and endangered species, among which the maleo bird. Once common all over Sulawesi, its numbers dropped significantly as people poached its unusually large and nutritious eggs, which are locally considered a delicacy. Thanks to the conservation efforts of Alliance for Tompotika Conservation (ALTO), the population is recovering.

In this episode of the Conservation Inspiration podcast series, host Rosamira Guillen is joined by Marcy Summers, co-founder of ALTO. They discuss Marcy’s life-changing decision to dedicate her career to saving the maleo, why this bird is so special to her, and dive into the ins & outs of conserving this endangered species. 

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Both Rosamira Guillen and Marcy Summers are partners whose work has been supported by the IUCN NL Land Acquisition Fund.

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