During an online pre-event of the Partos Innovation Festival on October 6th, we discovered the relationship of women, youth, indigenous peoples and local communities with their forests. How do they protect their forests? What role do they play in forest management?

Header photo: Foggy forest in Bansoa, Cameroon (c) Edouard TAMBA on Unsplash

Women and youth play a key role as environmental defenders and are often at the frontline of defending their land against extractive activities such as oil exploration and mining. They are also essential for their households and communities’ food production, gathering medicinal plants and water and the sustainable use of natural resources. They also safeguard and transfer much of the traditional knowledge about nature.

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The stories of key speakers Carmen Miranda (President at Savia Bolivia) and Freddie Kalibwani (Resource Mobilization Manager at ECOTRUST in Uganda) were followed by an engaging discussion. The session was moderated by Frederique Holle, gender focal point at IUCN NL.

We invite you to watch the recording of the event below.

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