IUCN NL celebrates two decades of land acquisition for conservation

This autumn we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the IUCN NL land acquisition fund. Thanks to the Dutch Postcode Lottery, we have supported over 100 NGOs since 2001 and secured 42,000 hectares of nature. This way, we contributed to protecting and connecting habitats for many endangered species, such as the brown spider monkey, the Bolivian blue-throated macaw and the jaguar. From September 1st, we will share the best stories from 20 years of our land acquisition fund.

Since 2001, the land acquisition fund helps local NGOs to acquire threatened patches of wilderness to create or expand safe reserves and connect wildlife habitats. Marc Hoogeslag, Senior Expert Nature Conservation at IUCN NL, says: ‘Thanks to the annual contribution of Dutch Postcode Lottery, over the past 20 years we have supported no fewer than 135 projects from more than 100 local NGOs in 36 countries. They have acquired a total of 42,000 hectares and are working with local communities to ensure nature conservation.’

Eye for the needs of local communities

With its land acquisition approach, IUCN NL places the ownership and management responsibility of natural resources in the hands of local, in-country organizations with a clear conservation objective and eye for the needs of local communities. ‘Empowering these dedicated professionals working in the frontline is the best way of achieving long-term sustainable conservation,’ Hoogeslag says.

Passionate conservationists

On the occasion of this 20th anniversary, these and other stories have been compiled in a report, which will be published on September 1st. ‘The publication gives insight into the personal stories of the passionate conservationists who are intrinsically dedicated to the conservation of endangered species. It highlights  both their successes and the challenges they face.’

Anniversary publication

The anniversary publication will be available on the IUCN NL website from September 1st. From that moment on, we will also share weekly articles, photos and videos from 20 years of the IUCN NL land acquisition fund.

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Marc Hoogeslag
Senior Expert Nature Conservation
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