Mamadou and team of AGEREF Comoé-Léraba

Partner in Burkina Faso obtains Order of Knight for biodiversity conservation

IUCN NL partner Mamadou Karama, executive director of the NGO AGEREF Comoé-Léraba in Burkina Faso, was awarded today the Order of Knight for his efforts to conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable use of natural resources in his country.

Header photo: Mamadou and team of AGEREF Comoé-Léraba

 He received the distinction on the occasion of the country’s independence celebration on December 11. A total of 1192 citizens received a distinction for their merits to the country.

 ‘I owe this distinction partly to the support of IUCN NL,’ Karama states. ‘Our collaboration in the strategic partnership Shared Resources Joint Solutions these past four years has contributed to more visibility for the activities of AGEREF.’

Improved living conditions

AGEREF is committed to improving the living conditions of the local population by promoting sustainable use of natural resources. Karama is dedicated to biodiversity conservation. His work centers around environmental education, research and monitoring of biodiversity and the development of sustainable, local production options. In addition, Karama engages with public and private sector parties on their legal responsibilities towards sustainable natural resource management.

Within Shared Resources Joint Solutions, Karama and his organisation advocated together with other NGOs from the White Volta region, for sustainable ecosystem management to safeguard water resources. They are working with local water committees to protect and restore river banks.

Integrated water resource management

In addition, they engage with the public and private sector on integrated water resource management. Thanks to the efforts of Karama and partners, mining companies now pay a water tax, which the government spends on measures that prevent erosion and siltation.

 An important achievement, because the country’s water resources are increasingly under pressure by the effects of climate change, coupled with sedimentation and elevated water intake for industrial activities around the river and lakes.

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Jan Kamstra
no longer working at IUCN NL