What did IUCN NL do in 2022? Read our annual report

In this annual report we look back on the steps we took and the milestones we reached in 2022 together with our international partners and the Dutch IUCN members.

It was an eventful year for nature conservation organisations, including IUCN NL. All over the world, nature has been arriving at the heart of policy and politics. Multiple societal challenges depend on successfully reducing the pressures on biodiversity. As a beacon of hope, 194 countries agreed to a new global strategy to stop and reverse biodiversity loss in December 2022. IUCN NL is proud to have contributed to this global milestone by supporting the active role of the Netherlands.

Amidst these developments we managed to realise several concrete results for nature and people. Just a grasp:

  • We funded six new land acquisition projects of local conservation organisations securing 5,251 hectares of vulnerable nature in Tanzania, South Africa, Colombia, Mozambique, and Cambodia.
  • We contributed to 28 policy measures to safeguard nature as part of our GLA programme. 
  • We produced practical guidelines for privately protected areas, crucially important to realise the global 30×30 target.
  • We contributed to the restoration of 700 ha degraded natural forest and agroforestry sites in northern Ghana.
  • We provided a total of 20,000 euro in emergency funds to seven local partner organisations, e.g. for combating wildfires and legal support of environmental defenders.
  • We identified 75 persons involved in jaguar trafficking as part of Operation Jaguar investigations.
  • We supported the increased participation in decision-making processes for indigenous peoples and local communities, including women and youth, in six countries.

New initiatives

We also started new initiatives with new partners. With Strengthen the Roots, we will strengthen the fundamentals of local civil society organisations in Ghana, Indonesia and Bolivia. In Bolivia, we also started a collaborative project in support of the 1.2 Million ha. Nembi Guasu landscape governed by Indigenous peoples. A small grants programme was launched to support locally-led conservation and adaptation in Madagascar, Comores, Mauritius, and the Seychelles. In the Netherlands we started developing the National Biodiversity Dashboard, to be launched in 2023.

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