Wildlife prepares for winter in Armenian nature reserve

28 November 2016

New trap camera footage from the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge shows that the area provides a good habitat for species, even now that winter has arrived in the Armenian mountains. The videos of the snow-covered landscape show bears, wolves, lynx and bezoar goats. "They are clearly at ease", says Marc Hoogeslag from IUCN NL.

The nature reserve was founded in 2011 by the local conservation NGO FPWC with support from IUCN NL's land acquisition fund. Since then, the amount of wildlife has increased dramatically. "It has become a safe habitat for many species", says Hoogeslag. "They consider it a safe place to breed and raise their young. From their behaviour we can tell that many species in the reserve are now preparing for mating season." Logo world's second largest charity donor

Ranger Manuk Manukyan: "The alpha males of the bezoar goats are starting to form harems consisting of females. And we already had our first sighting this season of the bearded vulture couple. They start building their nest during this time of year, and will lay their egg in December." For three consecutive years already, the vulture pair has successfully raised a chick in the reserve. 

The footage of the reserve's wildlife was made with trap cameras that FPWC purchased with funding from IUCN NL and a Dutch private foundation. 

The support from IUCN NL to the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge was made possible by the Dutch Postcode Lottery.


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